Jane Brownrigg

Jane has worked with the Greely Players where she directed Oliver (2005) and Fiddler on the Roof (2008) as well as playing a lead in South Pacific (1996). She also directed Playgroup Presents first show, Midsummer at theMill (2011). She is producing Playgroup’s Dream of Silver (2012).

She has also enjoyed many creative endeavours with the Russell Association of the Performing Arts or RAPA, including, as director, Waiting for the Parade (1994); The Affections of May (1995); It’s Cool in the Furnace (1994); as a producer, (Scrooge (1997); The Sting (2001); Wonderland (2003); Opening Night (2004); A Christmas Carol (2011); as a stage manager, Move Over Mrs. Markham (2004); Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii (2010), and in many lead , Mumberley Inheritance (1993); Wait Until Dark (1996); I Take This Man (2002), and supporting roles: A Christmas Carol (1992); Curse of the Werewolf (1994); Harvey (1995).

Jane’s earlier work in theatre included lead roles with Four X Four Theatre, The University of Ottawa, The Audience Company, and the Ottawa Improv League as a member of Skit Row.

She has also been a member of the singing group, the PMS Singers, as well as a member of St. Brigid’s Church Choir, and is currently a choir director at the church.


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