Current Production

In Your Dreams…

This June 19, 20, and 21, 2012, Dream of Silver opens at the Manotick United Church, 5567 Main  Manotick.  Doors open at 7, curtain at 7:30pm.

The Dream Cast includes Mike Taylor, Mychele LeBrun, Tim Robillard, Kristy Hagerman, and Isabella Kondrat.  The director is Brian Kennedy, producer is Jane Brownrigg, and Kerrie Whiteside handles the musicians and singers. Our Act 1 ‘ceilidh’ includes Irish step dancers and a half-dozen contra-dancers.

The Dream Band features Tom Plant (guitar), Roxy McCarthy (piano), John Dahms (fiddle), Brian Kennedy (fiddle), Tim Stanutz (bass), and Maureen Kennedy (Irish flute).

Dream of Silver is an original play, a Rideau River fantasy of love lost and found, of singing pirates, and of stolen Yankee silver, all staged in a ceilidh of song, music and dance.… who could ask for more?

Tickets are available at Manotick Office Pro, 5541 Manotick Main St, Ottawa, (613-692-3269) or email

Playgrouppresents always donates all proceeds to charity.  In 2012, ticket sales go to Watson’s Mill, ‘Raise the Roof’ campaign and the Manotick United Church.

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