Playgroup Presents

We are a group of four individuals who enjoy serving up original plays that tell a story using song, comedy, and imaginative staging.  Our plays attempt an informal, generous main course of original music and song, a taste of local history, a soupcon of romance, a sizzle of comedy, all splashed with a spicy sauce of live music — presentations all ages will enjoy.

In June, 2011, audiences enjoyed “Midsummer At The Mill,” the story of three mischievous ghosts who had fun influencing events and local heros at the opening of Manotick’s heritage Mill in the 1860s. It was staged upstairs at Manotick’s own Mill Tavern for three, sold-out performances.

In June, 2012, “ A Dream of Silver” opens at the Manotick United Church. This story involves some dreaming, time-travel, a summer romance, two, singing, Rideau River pirates, a little Shakespeare with a flair for things Celtic… who could ask for more?

Playgroup donates all proceeds from their productions to charity.  In 2012, ticket sales go to Manotick’s ‘Raise the Roof’ campaign and the United Church.

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